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We have SOLD our restaurant! Our last day was Saturday, September 19, 2020!

From The Connection:

After 34 years of continuous operation, True’s BBQ in Cross Plains closed its doors for the last time.

Owner, Juanita Wix and husband Jeff plan to enjoy retirement, remaining in the community near their sons and extended family.

Juanita recently reflected with The Connection, her years running the landmark known to locals as the Big Pig.

Juanita Wix

“I moved to Tennessee from Pennsylvania in 1977. I never imagined the blessed life I would live in this small town of Cross Plains. Never did I imagine owning a restaurant, much less running one for 34 years. Thank you to this community and all my customers that have supported me. I couldn’t have had this long run without you. Thank you so much to all my wonderful employees I have had over the years.

“Thank you to my family for working for me. I was very fortunate to be able to raise my five sons at the restaurant. They have met so many people in their young lives.

“What a show of support you all showed me the last three weeks I was open. Taking care of my customers and getting to know them has always been very important to me. A hug, kind words, a smile, a simple kind gesture – you never know what that small thing you do could help someone through a rough day. Now I get to pursue my love of quilting and I get to spend more time with my family.

“I am really going to miss all “my people” and I thank God for the years I have had with you. I ask that you support the new owner and bless them like you did me.”

Lee True

“The most memorable moments are shared with people who are no longer with us. Perry Bell would insist for his BBQ plate not to have pickles on it. If I were to see Randy Chapman pull up, I would race to the back and make two BBQ plates with baked beans and white beans as fast as I could so they would be ready when he walked in. “I will always cherish my conversations with Mr. and Mrs. Clarke and Mr. and Mrs. Steele. I treasure the countless relationships that were developed during my time at the restaurant; they have shaped me into the man I am today.”

Dillon Wix

“The memories that come to my mind of my time at the restaurant is all the time that I got to spend with my friends and family. When I got to sit down and eat with my grandparents on both sides of the family. I can remember, when I was little, begging my mom to let me stay up at the restaurant with dad, uncle Tim and uncle Bubba to help cook the shoulders. True’s is the place that I grew up – it will always hold a ton of memories for me. It has been a blessing to have grown up there with my family, friends and especially, my parents.”

Adam True

“I’m the one who stayed in the kitchen and cooked. I liked to mix up different concoctions for my coworkers to try. I would mix all kinds of ingredients from the restaurant together then bet Crystal Eisermann and Codye Butler to take a taste of it. My favorite memory is watching Lee spill a wheelbarrow full of wood because we stacked it too full. It seemed like we would make the same mistake every week.”

Matthew Wix

“Trues Barbeque has meant so much to me and my family over the years. Growing up it was my home, and it is filled with so many great memories. Some people that come to mind are Perry Bell, Tammy Covington, Mrs. Wanda, Mrs. Etta and many others. They were not just customers they were family, and me and my family will always hold a special place for them and many other people in this community in our hearts.”

Marshall Wix

“Wow – I can’t believe there will not be a True’s Barbeque. I will never forget the years, days, and hours I spent there. I have great memories growing up helping my parents at the restaurant – or in better terms being in the way. From helping Dad tear up the barbecue to helping Mom wait on tables. The things I will miss the most are the joy and support that the community of Cross Plains brought to True’s.”

Photo by Paula Eller, The Connection

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