Pink Pig Story

My brother Grizzly came to me one day concerned about the “Pig” needing spruced up a bit. He took it home with him to get it “lookin’ good” again. One night Grizzly called me, his voice filled with excitement and urgency!!! “You have to come right now and see the “Pig!!” Well, needless to say l was just a little frightened. My first thought was that something bad had happened to the “Pig”. When l got to Griz’s house — in his basement — stood the brightest, pinkest pig l had ever seen!!!

At first l thought Oh No what has he done!!! BUT Now l have a landmark, a tourist attraction, a historical pig, and a treasured memory of my brother,

Keith Neil “Grizzly” Adams
12-03-1957 to 01-04-2007